Day: June 15, 2017

Hook & Trigger Magazine Re-Launches

Santa Rosa Beach, FL, June 15, 2017 –(– Publisher Phil Heppding is proud to bring back the popular Hook and Trigger Magazine to the Florida panhandle. This free publication will be published six times per year. The first issue will be available at over 100 locations across Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, and Walton Counties in Northwest Florida in September of 2017. read...

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Secure Note Capital Expands Availability of Secure Mortgage Notes Program That Provides Hassle Free Passive Income with Capital Preservation and Securitization

Dallas, TX, June 15, 2017 –(– Secure Note Capital announced today the expansion of the Secure Mortgage Note Program that provides Real Estate Note buyers with the benefits of preservation of capital and hassle-free passive monthly income. Secure Real Estate Mortgage Notes provide approx. 8-12% return per annum with regular payments distributed monthly. Secure Mortgage Notes are unique in that they provide the opportunity to receive monthly income, build wealth and generate superior risk-adjusted returns with 100% securitization provided by the underlying real property. read...

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RealTime Labs Weighs in on Importance of Mycotoxin Testing

Carrollton, TX, June 15, 2017 –(– Water damage, high humidity levels and other concerns may all promote the growth of mold in indoor spaces. While most people understand the need to professionally mitigate mold in indoor spaces, they may not fully grasp the potential certain molds and the mycotoxins they produce may have on health. Mycotoxin testing enables people to gain a clear picture of what contaminants they may have been exposed to and their potential for toxicity. read...

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RealTime Laboratories’ Expert Talks About Mycotoxin Dangers

Carrollton, TX, June 15, 2017 –(– Multiple studies have shown that exposure to indoor mold can have serious and negative impacts on human health. What many people may not realize, however, is that mold doesn’t have to be the highly publicized “black” variety to pose serious risks. Mycotoxins produced by many other types of molds and fungithat thrive in water-damaged indoor environments are also linked with serious health conditions, making testing and mitigation crucial for safeguarding people. read...

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