Day: August 1, 2017

Introducing beHuman

San Francisco, CA, August 01, 2017 –(– beHuman, Inc., a thought leader among the new industry of lifestyle motivation, announces the launch of its next innovation with the iOS mobile application beHuman, allowing people to make a social impact through awareness of humanity. The experience revolves around a unique feature called the Human Score, a revolving number that defines a user’s positive impact, eventually allowing the user to redeem rewards. read...

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No Child Left Behind Should Mean Something for All Children

For years the United States has focused on education as a vital element for success and yet schools in inner city areas are still failing. The government and politicians have publicly indicated that actions will be taken to improve the educational system in the United States. Programs were implemented but unfortunately some schools are still struggling to meet the standard academic mark. We have to question if the government included inner city students in their budget, because there is clearly an economic inequality within the educational system. read...

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Animals in Distress: They Are Stilling Suffering

A few days ago a beautiful small female dog was brought to a precinct scared and shivering. A good Samaritan witnessed the dog being abused by youngsters in a park and brought her to the nearest precinct. They were kicking her and bullying her. It was heartbreaking to see the tears in the dog’s eyes as she sat there on the floor in the precinct in pain and bewilderment. We can only imagine what thoughts were going through her mind. Maybe she sat there wondering what has she done to those young individuals for them to abuse her like...

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New Motorsports & the US Armed Forces TV Series

Washington, DC, August 01, 2017 –(– AMG & 200 Productions new unscripted reality series, OPERATION THANK YOU, will follow two Carolina-based NASCAR racing teams, JD Motorsports and MBM Motorsports, as they build five special stock cars to honor the U.S armed forces. The series will culminate with the "Visit Myrtle Beach 200," a private racing event this fall at the Myrtle Beach Speedway. read...

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