Day: September 5, 2017

Adoboloco Launches Gluten Free, Non-GMO, PAU! HANA! HAWAIIAN BBQ!™

Honolulu, HI, September 05, 2017 –(– For many years, Co-Founder of Adoboloco, Tim Parsons has been making Hawaiian Barbecue for family and friends. Requests started coming in “You need to bottle this! It needs to be part of Adoboloco so we can have it at home.” Some couldn’t eat it due to the original ingredients. Inspired by a family member that suffers from Celiac Disease, it was time to make some changes. Everyone should be able to enjoy it. Adoboloco has spent the last year reformulating the original recipe to be healthier. It's now Non-GMO, MSG Free, Gluten Free and no corn syrup. read...

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Zenger Folkman to Host Extraordinary Leadership Summit at Sundance Resort in Utah

Orem, UT, September 05, 2017 –(– In response to the rapid workforce changes created by digital transformations, organizations are experimenting with new approaches to leadership development and performance management. This year’s Leadership Summit will offer presentations by top leadership development executives including; Kevin Wilde, Kathleen Stinnett, Joe Garbus, Jack Zenger, and Joseph Folkman. The conference will take place November 7-8 with post-conference workshops offered Nov. 9-10 at the Sundance Resort in Utah. read...

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Digital Film Academy in New York Calls for Video Submissions for Its 1st Annual Short Film Competition, The DFA Think Contest

New York, NY, September 05, 2017 –(– Eligible filmmakers should make a 60 second short film using the topic, “Think: Perception, The New reality.” The 60 second videos are to be posted exclusively on Twitter and Instagram as the winners will be determined by the number of views, retweets and likes their videos get on Twitter and Instagram combined. This Contest is strictly based on the response and participation of social media users. The film can be any genre i.e. comedy, drama, silent, horror, etc. read...

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PatientClick Launches Telemedicine for Concierge Medicine Practices

San Diego, CA, September 05, 2017 –(– PatientClick is pleased to announce the launch of Telemedicine for Concierge Medicine Practice. Whether you are starting a new practice or converting your existing practice to a Concierge Medicine Model, Telemedicine is the fastest, easiest way for doctors to connect directly with patients. And, the application makes it simple for patients to find a physician on demand right from their smartphones. The anywhere, anytime service model allows physician practices to send text reminder prior to appointment, collects monthly payments for membership and automate communication with patient’s care team. The next generation technology by PatientClick empowers physicians to make accurate clinical decisions with high-quality interactive audio and visual components that closely mirror face-to-face medical encounters. read...

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