Day: December 12, 2017

Stonehill Becomes a IBM Registered Business Partner

Tampa, FL, December 12, 2017 –(– Stonehill announced today that they have been named a Registered Business Partner with IBM. The partnership provides Stonehill with access to industry leading technology and intelligence solutions that will benefit their growing customer base. Stonehill has been especially interested in becoming a IBM partner because of IBM’s Watson Artificial Intelligence platform. read...

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Future Culture and Community of the Living Earth

San Francisco, CA, December 12, 2017 –(– Imagine, every day you wake up, go to work, and experience life the same way day in and day out. One day, you find yourself in sadness, as life’s emptiness and distance takes over, you place your head in your hands and in this sadness you sink within. With your attention inside of yourself, you stumble upon an inner light, then beneath your feet you can feel the pulse of the Earth as it reaches up to touch you within. It’s not easy to remain in this place, as your attention is pulled to the worries of the day, your list of things to do. To your dismay, you’re pulled out of the experience, as it becomes lost in the sands of time. read...

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VoIP Provider Zadarma Announces Free Business Phone System Integration with Zoho CRM & Salesforce

New York, NY, December 12, 2017 –(– Cloud telephony provider Zadarma has announced official integration with the two largest CRM systems in the world, Salesforce and Zoho CRM. This collaboration provides users with all the necessary telephony functionality combined with CRM system tools and features. Client pop-up cards, conversation recordings and statistics as well as the ability to make calls from within the CRM are among the many useful features available to businesses. The integration setup takes only a few minutes and happens automatically. There is no need for any additional modules and agents, ensuring that Zadarma users save time and money. read...

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Fortress Rock Fitness Launches New App Along with a 12-Week Fitness Challenge

Madison, WI, December 12, 2017 –(– Today, Fortress Rock Fitness has launched a new fitness app that is customizable and creates powerful, effective, and virtually unlimited options for workouts. Developed by a certified personal trainer, the Fortress Rock Fitness program provides comprehensive exercise sequence videos, tips, and guidance to ultimately help users get into the best shape of their lives and have fun while doing it. read...

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