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historide, , A Vehicle Social Network App Has Been Updated With Innovative Features!

A social networking app that every vehicle enthusiast and car fan should download. Building on the success of the historide 1.0 Android and iPhone App, the popular vehicle social media dashboard today launched a new and updated version of the app, historide 2.0 with a brand new look and awesome features. This updated app illustrates the company’s initiative in building the most advanced social experience for vehicle enthusiasts and Owners. The social app offers an amazing interface and unique features, which allow the user to connect with vehicle enthusiasts, share ideas and get inspired by others, fulfilling every vehicle need and discovering amazing rides easily. read...

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Taking leadership on Global Invention Show, Dubai to Silicon Valley

Taking leadership on Global Invention Show, Dubai to Silicon Valley Meet Emirati Aspetto Company inventors from the United Arab Emirates. Sajjad Yaghoubi, who is also named by global media as a next Bill Gates, Mohammad Ali Kheirollah, and Omar Abdulaziz Eshaq Al Alshaikh won on Saturday 14th April the Gold award of the 46th International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva (2018) for innovations in the field of environmental health. read...

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HOUSE OF WORDS: A Four-Story Art Building Experience

An exciting new Bushwick pop-up gallery announces a month-long, four-story exhibition House of Words, the home to a permanent text-art exhibition announces a month-long, four-story exhibition  at the  brand new, four-story text-art building at 30 Belvidere Street. According to Ariel De Lion “House of Words brand new four-story text-art exhibitionis an ode to the story — the story each of us holds and the one we are writing together.” read...

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Count My Payment, An Easy Way To Generate Legal Resource Needed For Any Kind Of Shared Expense Or Financial Obligation.

Count My Payment, LLC, the forerunner of legal accounting of uncovered medical expenses and person to person payments today announced its new program. The program is designed to streamline the compliance with legal requirements when two parents are obligated to share in the financial responsibility for their minor children. read...

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6 things to look for before buying a house

Buying a how is more like planning for your wedding day. There are months of stress and planning involved before the final payoff is experienced. Buying a house is not the same as you buying a mobile phone or a digital accessory that you could easily replace within a year. Buying a house is a one-time investment that you have to make which would involve the lives of everyone around you. So you have to make this investment and decision quite intelligently. Here are some of the things that you can look for before buying a house that could help you. read...

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