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December 15, 2017


Trump: The main provisions Obamacare remains

US President-elect Donald Trump says he is ready to leave an integral part of the health care law President Barack Obama. Mr. Trump, who promised to repeal the law in 2010, said he would keep a ban on insurers refuse coverage for pre-existing conditions. He told the Wall Street Journal that he also favored allowing

Who’s Helping Hillary Clinton To Win The Elections?

Who was Helping Hillary Clinton To Win The Elections? 

Things are coming to a boil at the DNC. And the story with the WikiLeaks is only adding fuel to the fire. In a way, Democrats have got round Republicans: DNC is already far more scandalous than anything the republicans could have come up with. It turns out that Democratic Party vigorously defends Hillary and

Stop CNN #FakeNews Lawsuit created by Trump Supporters

Based law firm, has put in motion a lawsuit alleging Cable News Network (CNN) has received millions of dollars from advertisers for the placement of ads on an-illegitimate news site. The firm contends that CNN knowingly mixes fact-based journalist stories with manufactured stories as a means to artificially boost ratings and revenue. It is these

‘Never Trump’ Movement Dealt Setback After Super Tuesday

Alarmed by Donald J. Trump’s victories in seven states on Super Tues, Republicans wanting to sink his presidential bid captive on Wed to battle him on 2 fronts, offensive him with ample bucks in tv ads inSunshine State whereas girding for what would be the party’s 1st contested convention in forty years. The imperative new

2016 Primary Results and Calendar

The 2016 primaries and caucuses have begun. Candidates will seek to win delegates in each state’s contest to capture their party’s nomination for the presidency. Delegates Won Trump Cruz REPUBLICANS Rubio Kasich Carson Clinton DEMOCRATS Sanders Total 68 11 9 5 3 503 70 1,237 to win nomination 2,383 to win Superdelegates* — — —

Donald Trump Wins Nevada Caucuses, Collecting Third Straight Victory

Donald J. Trump was declared the winner of the Nevada caucuses on Tuesday night, according to The Associated Press, gaining a third consecutive victory in an early-voting state and strengthening his position in the Republican presidential race before the wave of Super Tuesday elections on March 1. Turnout in Nevada was reported high compared with

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