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June 28, 2017


Attractions in Santiago de Chile

Santiago de Chile, which is known as Santiago, was founded by the Spanish in 1541 and has been the capital of Chile since the colonial period. It is a vibrant city of more than six million people, but still find traces of their heritage in the colonial buildings and the neo-classical nineteenth century. This beautiful

My Global Welcome


MY GLOBAL WELCOME MAKES YOU FEEL AT HOME WHEREVER YOU GO Unfortunately, travel anxiety is exactly why so many of us end up doing nothing and never leave the places they are comfortable with. Fortunately though, My Global Welcome helps us to finally solve this problem. My Global Welcome is the World’s First Social Travel

Tapas Tours in Madrid - Spain

Tapas Tours in Madrid – Spain

Think traveling to Spain? It reached the ideal season to take a tour of tapas know the main gastronomic offerings of this beautiful country. Our Post today will tell a little about culture gastronômica- We will tell a little about the TAPAS famous. The name originated from an episode in the south of Spain, in

In Las Vegas, Live Music for the Coachella Crowd

The view from the Boulevard Pool at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas was breathtaking and ridiculous, a pairing the city knows well; the fourth-floor oasis sits above the Strip with sightlines to the fountain shows of the Bellagio and the Eiffel Tower model of Paris Las Vegas to the north and the signature golden lion

At Budget Hotels, Local Flavor Is Now Included

It’s not unusual to view local art, consume regional foods or meet area trendsetters in boutique and luxury hotels. Now — to the great welcome of penny-pinching travelers — the trend in lodging to embody the location has trickled down to budget hotels and even brands generally regarded as cookie cutter. Graduate Hotels, recently opened

Mumbai – City never rests

It would sound dull to call Mumbai the New York of India, yet that is the thing that depicts this city of dreams the best. It represents the place that is always up and around, a city with a soul of gold and a determination to never die, in the wake of terrorist assaults and

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