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October 22, 2017


Space Radiation Won’t Stop NASA’s Human Exploration

Researchers are looking for ways to keep crews safe HOUSTON, TX, October 13, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — While it’s true that space radiation is one of the biggest challenges for a human journey to Mars, it’s also true that NASA is developing technologies and countermeasures to ensure a safe and successful journey to the red planet.

Drunk & Drugged Driving Out of Control & Increasing in the US

Just released 2016 DOT data shows drunk & drugged driving out of control & increasing in numerous states. For drivers in fatal crashes tested for alcohol & drugs, 27% were DUI, 39% were on drugs, and 18% with marijuana in their system. SAN FRANCISCO, CA, October 12, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — 23 States had fatal drivers

Entrepreneurs Dream Business

Ambit Energy provides electricity and natural gas services in deregulated markets across the United States, primarily marketed through a direct sales channel of more than 250,000 Independent Consultants. Based in Dallas, Texas, our company is focused on being the finest and most-respected retail energy provider in America, offering cost-effective choices for today’s energy consumer. In

Lying in Bed for the Sake of Science

NASA Co-Sponsors Bed Rest Study in Germany HOUSTON, TX, October 11, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Twelve volunteers will arrive this week at the German Space Agency’s (DLR) Institute of Aerospace Medicine’s :envihab facility to lie in bed for a month in the name of science. NASA’s Human Research Program, in partnership with DLR, is sponsoring investigations

Latin America’s Woman Entreprenure of the Year- A Jetsetter’s Dream

Bianca Tubolino, winner of Latin America’s 2017 Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award, founded her company Jetset ESL with the help of her Brazilian partner Amanda Leal.  Bianca has a passion for education and travel, and after eight years of teaching internationally, Bianca decided she could make a difference in other peoples lives by establishing

Marijuana Fatal Crashes Drivers Increasing in the US – Recently Released 2016 National Data Shows the Rise in Marijuana Fatal Crashes is now at 18.2%, up 9% since 2015’s level of 16.7%

There were 3,335 marijuana related U.S. driving fatalities in 2016.In the 8 recreational marijuana states, the percentage of marijuana positive drivers in fatal crashes is now at 24.2% and is almost as high as the 28.7% DUI alcohol fatal crashes. SAN FRANCISCO, CA, October 10, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — The 8 recreational use states are AK,

Anthem Angst: NFL Players’ Protests Fuel Upsurge in Vitriolic Nevada Tweets

UC Researcher’s Real-Time Analytics on Twitter Stream Capture “Spikes” of Wrath LOS ANGELES, CA, October 02, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Recent protests by NFL players and owners during the singing of the National Anthem have caused an uptick in heated commentary on Twitter, specifically in Clark County, Nevada. The keywords “NFL Anthem” and “NFL Knee” revealed

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