Why settle for a single genre when you can have the perfect combination of a little bit of Sci-Fi, horror, romance, psychodrama, satire, revenge, and more all rolled in a perfect blend of a movie? These are what you will get and more when you watch the breakthrough film – Colossal 2017 online.  On top of these, Anne Hathaway stars in this movie which is one more great reason why you should watch it.

This 109-minute movie features actors with proven track record portraying the roles of the movie characters. First, off course, is Anne Hathaway who is popular for her acting prowess in Girl Rising, The Dark Knight Rises, and The Cat Returns. Next is Jason Sudeikis who is known for his roles in Harmontown, Horrible Bosses, and Tumbledown. It also stars, Dan Stevens who was popular for his movies such as The Guest, Beauty and the Beast, and Norman. The movie also features Austin Stowell who played major roles in Whiplash, Dolphin Tale, and Bridge of Spies. Last is Tim Blake Nelson who is known for the roles he played in Down from the Mountain, The Confirmation, Deidra & Laney Rob a Train, and Lincoln. Watch Colossal 2017 online to witness their wonderful performance.

Gloria, the main character played by Anne Hathaway, experienced a series of unfortunate events. She was living the life – writing for a commercial blog with alcohol flowing in her veins until her boyfriend who finally had it kicked her out. When that happened, she has nowhere else to go so she decided to return to New Jersey – her hometown. There, she got reunited with her childhood classmate who did not have professional success as well so he decided to take over his father’s bar. He hired Gloria as a barmaid and everything is set for the cliché romantic-comedy that some movie-goers like. Gloria thought that she was about to live a boring life that she never imagined she would not knowing that a life-changing turn is waiting for her in Seoul, South Korea in a form of a giant lizard-like monster.

Writer-Director Nacho Vigalondo took a risk in this movie which turned out to be a grand success. He is also popular for his other movies including Extraterrestrial, Timecrimes, and Open Windows. He filled the movie with traumatic scenes that will stay embedded in your mind long after you left the theatre.

Eric Kress’ cinematography excellently plays with the emotions of the viewers and makes sure that important details are not missed.

Movie aficionados understand that the soundtrack can also make or break a movie. Thankfully, Bear McCreary took the viewers to an emotional rollercoaster with music just like what he did in one of The Walking Dead episodes, in Constantine, and in 10 Cloverfield Lane.

Watch Colossal 2017 online to witness how the title gave an insight on how colossal the movie is – from its stars, to its dynamic characters, up to its incredible twists.