cover3d_5808e7f1b19d6Distinct Press to share a history of popular Poconos resort of the 60s – 80s made famous by the commercial jingle, “At beautiful Mount Airy Lodge, all you have to bring is your love of everything….” The book will be released as a limited edition.

Distinct Press to release new book about Mount Airy Lodge. The authors are Zanna and Zynnia Jezek, sisters of Czech descent whose mothers’ immigration was sponsored by co-owner Emil Wagner.

Mount Airy Lodge promised a dazzling, fun-filled vacation with outstanding nonstop entertainment. ”All you need to bring is your love for everything,” went the voice-over, ending with the mellifluous ”Your Host with the Most in the Poconos. Beautiful Mount Airy Lodge.”

Zanna and Zynnia Jezek are raising funds to publish a full color book about the historic Mount Airy Lodge of the Poconos via a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Their connection to the Mount Airy Lodge goes back to 1968 when their grandparents and mother were sponsored for emigration by co-owner Emil Wagner. Wagner was known as a marketing genius ahead of his time. Wagner is the one credited with making the Poconos famous with his popular and memorable commercial jingle of that time in history for tv viewers in the surrounding Pocono’s advertising market. Other owner, Suzanne Martens, created the kind of atmosphere that the likes of Bob Hope, Milton Berle, Rodney Dangerfield, Tony Bennett, Alan King, Connie Francis, Nipsey Russell, Vic Damone, Joey Bishop, Phyllis Diller, Pat Boone, Lionel Hampton, Eddie Fisher, Wayne Newton, Vikki Carr, Red Skelton, Don Rickles, Wayne Newton, Rudy Vallee and Frank Sinatra Jr. came to enjoy.

The sisters set out to raise $24,000 on Indiegogo to print 1,500 hard cover full color copies of the new book which will capture the history of one of America’s premier honeymoon resorts. They have collected hundreds of photographs and interviewed past guests, employees, and friends of the owners. They are currently planning a trip to the Pocono Mountains to visit county archives and complete the final research for the book.

The book, which is to be called Beautiful Mount Airy Lodge, will capture the fascinating history of the Mount Airy Lodge, focusing primarily on the 60s and 70s, when the hotel was in it’s heyday. It will also explore Mount Airy Lodge’s part in helping Czech and Slovak refugees escape communism and begin new lives in America.

“The Mount Airy Lodge sponsored many Czech and Slovak immigrants. Our grandparents and mother were among the Czechs that arrived to live and work at the Mount Airy Lodge in 1968.” – Zynnia Jezek

Contributors supporting the campaign are currently able to pre-order copies of Beautiful Mount Airy Lodge and enjoy the full color photographs and the amazing and rich history of America’s premier honeymoon hideaway & all-inclusive, star-studded resort.

“Few people know how Mount Airy Lodge began and what an impossible undertaking such a project would be today.” – Zanna Jezek

Visit the Beautiful Mount Airy Lodge book campaign on IndieGoGo.

About the book: The Beautiful Mount Airy Lodge will be published by Distinct Press. It a full color hardcover book illustrated with photographs, vintage brochures, and historic news clippings. It features exclusive information and accounts collected from interviews with both past guests and employees.

Zynnia and Zanna Jezek are looking to raise $24,000 on Indiegogo to fund the limited-edition printing and completion of the book. 90% of the campaign funds will be used for a 1,500-print run of the book. The remaining 10% of the campaign funding goal will be used to travel to the Poconos to conduct additional interviews and cover the cost for the final research for the book.

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