Most of the students, who are eager to study abroad, often get worried about choosing the right University for their education. Foreign education has become a very demanding market for students of all around the world including Thai students. Some of the most popular destinations for foreign study are United States of America (USA), United Kingdom (UK) and Australia, etc. For Thai students choosing the USA as their destination for the abroad study is very common, as this country offers thousands of universities and colleges with some of the best education facilities in the world. Not only Thailand, but the United States also attracts thousands of students from all over the world towards its high standard education system.

The availability of thousands of colleges and universities leave people very confused while choosing one. Because of the wide-ranging choices available, choosing the right one to become a very challenging task for every student and their parents. But, there is nothing to worry about. By following some simple and effective procedure, you can easily choose the right university for your study abroad. Here, we have brought some tips for the Thai students to help them to choose the right university for their study abroad in the USA.

How to Choose the Right University in the USA?
As we have mentioned earlier, choosing the right university can be difficult. But there are a few differences available between the universities which will help you to shortlist the best one:

Decide Your Main Field of Study
Even though you already know your field of study, still you have to keep this point in your mind while searching for the right university in the USA. Choosing a university that specializes in your field of study is definitely the best choice for every student. However, most colleges and universities in the USA offer popular majors like Information Technology and Business, etc. But, if your field is archaeology, medical or marine biology, then it is crucial for you to choose the right university that specializes in these subjects. It is pertinent to pick a place that mainly focuses on your area of study instead of other subjects.

You have to remember that not every university is good at everything, and at the same time, not all university is bad at everything. So, the best thing is doing a comprehensive research on the area of strength of each university to find the best one for you.

Check Rankings and Academic Standard of the University
The common reason for higher education abroad of most students is to get better career opportunities. Most Thai students choose the USA to study abroad is because of the network of the universities with the corporate world, and the availability of thousands of job opportunities. But, not all the universities and colleges offer the same connection as the highest ranking ones. Therefore, while searching for the best universities, you have to check the ranking and academic standard of the universities. But, at the same time, you have to consider the competition that you have to face to join the highest standard and famous universities, especially when you are an international student.

Do a comprehensive research on how the universities choose the students and see whether you are eligible for that particular university or not. Remember, your marks and grades are not the only important things while getting hired by a university in the USA, many colleges and universities also consider your extracurricular activities. There is another thing that you can do to know your probability of being admitted to your chosen university is, by asking an educational counselor or teacher. They can give you proper information about whether you have a chance of being admitted to the university or not.

Choose the Location
When it comes to studying abroad, it’s not only about gaining bookish knowledge but also learning the lifestyle, culture, recreational activities, sporting activities and many other things. Therefore, choosing the right location is also similarly important as choosing the right university. Do a proper research on the areas, and choose a university which is available at the acceptable areas for you. It is always better to choose a university available nearby the corporate area so that you can learn professional lifestyle. You can also choose an area which gives easy access to the market, health centers, and transportation.

Cost of the University
Cost is one of the most important factors that come into account while choosing a university. Before finalizing a university, you have to calculate the overall expense of the study including your living expense, books cost, and others. Nearly most of the popular universities in the USA have their own online portal, you can find information about the expense of the university from their website, or you can also contact the administration department to get a better idea about the cost. The cost of education in private universities is quite costlier than the public universities, plus the cost also varies depending on the location, ranking, and accreditation of the university. Based on your budget of study abroad, you need to find the right university which is available within your budget.

Check Whether the University is Accredited 
It is very crucial for the student to know whether a university is accredited or not. No matter where and which university you are choosing, your priority should be choosing a university which is accredited. Accreditation is a certification which is given to colleges, schools, and universities on meeting some academic standard. Attending a university which is not accredited will affect not only your study but also your professional career or job. So, make sure your university is accredited before verifying anything else.

Start Your Search As Early As Possible
The above-given steps are the important tips that you can follow to find a good university for your study abroad. But, to follow all the above steps, you need to start your search as early as possible by taking plenty of time in your hand. Take at least 12 to 14 months to finalize a university. Today, searching for information about USA universities is not tough with the presence of the internet. You just need to take your time to research on the universities.

Whether you are a Thai student or a student from any other country, following the above steps will help any student to find the right university in the USA. But to get a good university, make sure you have a good grade in your school, and at the admission exams of the university. With good grades, attractive extracurricular activities and budget, finding the right university for your study abroad is not difficult.