The level of fear is at an all-time high at Dark Harbor 2017. More monsters, more attractions, and a hauntingly horrifying new maze raise the fear bar to unprecedented heights. Come play and experience the hair-raising thrills and spine-tingling chills of Dark Harbor at the Queen Mary.

NEW this year and for the FIRST TIME EVER – a 4th maze aboard the ship!  The all-new Feast will take you on a terrifying journey into areas of the ship that have never before been accessible to Dark Harbor guests.

During WWII when The Queen Mary was in service as a troop transport ship, an enlisted military man serving in the ship’s kitchen quickly moved up in the ranks to become a highly decorated Chef. Unbeknownst to the soldiers traveling aboard, Chef had a dark side. Quietly he would sedate a few solders at a time and collect them in the middle of the night to prep them for his latest dishes. Eventually caught, the Chef was thrown into one of his own ovens and cooked alive. Ever-faithful to Chef, his dutiful kitchen staff sacrificed themselves to become his evil henchmen, burning themselves in the same oven. Chef and his evil crew went into hiding aboard the ship for many years. Largely forgotten these long-time stowaways aboard the ship have resurfaced to resume their deadly duties by collecting new victims for some of Chef’s latest recipes.

Are you ready to be served? Venture into the frozen depths of Chef’s Meat Locker where he keeps his latest victims on ice. This one-of-a-kind ice bar experience will take you into a 7-degree environment for up to 20-minutes if you can stand the frigid cold! Choose from a curated selection of flavored vodkas to create your custom tasting flight, but keep one eye open for Chef to make sure you don’t end up in his next recipe.

Hollywood Horror-Actor Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe adds: It can not get more scary than on the Queen Mary. It is the do not miss event of Helloween 2017.