Nashville, TN — 19 year old Social Entrepreneurship major Isabella Day of Belmont University has led her peers into creating Soaring Soul Compositions, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose aim it is to ease the burden of grief and the suffering of cancer patients with personalised musical compositions tailored to the patient. Day, the founder and Executive Director, was motivated to accomplish this after experiencing the healing power of music in her own life. “I never anticipated this. I wrote one song for a man I never knew in an attempt to ease his family, who I knew to be wonderful people. It was the first song I ever wrote, and it changed absolutely everything for me.” Since then, Day has composed dozens of pieces and plans on releasing Soaring Soul Composition’s first album entitled “More than Four” on May 12th. The collection features eight songs, each written for a client who is battling cancer or has passed. Day explained the meaning behind the album’s title rests in the fact that only a mere four percent of funds dedicated to cancer research go towards pediatric study, which allows for countless lives unnecessarily lost. Aidan Hargis, Chief Operating Officer to the organization, commented on More Than Four, saying “I cannot express in words how proud I am to be a part of this release.  The pieces are snapshots of life in it’s purest form.”

Day hopes to grow the organization into a truly sustainable entity, therefore allowing for a full-time commitment. Upon her college graduation in 2019, she hopes that Soaring Soul can be her one passion, as she is quoted as saying “I chose this life for those who were never given an option. I’m wholeheartedly willing to dedicate every second of my life to it.”

It is with that level of passion and intensity that Day continues to inspire all those around her. Haiquan Wang, Vanderbilt University student and financial advisor to Soaring Soul commented “I was delighted, amazed, even surprised when I heard of such a creative idea of a musical therapy to cancer. I knew I wanted to witness its realization.”

 “More Than Four” will be available on all digital platforms beginning Friday, May 12 as a symbol of compassion prior to Mother’s Day. As the organization hopes, May it bring sanctuary in every note.