According to Vogue, the spring and summer of 2016 saw a 1990s renaissance of jewelry fashion.

It appears the fall and winter collections of fashion jewelry trends will be much different. Like a breath of fresh air, jewelers and fashion jewelry wholesalers will be happy to see the changes.

One of the fashion jewelry trends that is taking the United States by storm this fall and winter is pearls. Long pearl necklaces are in right now. Designers are pairing the look with denim jackets and chunky sweaters.

The long time favorite is back and is set to be one of 2017’s top jewelry accessories.

While pearls are back, so are layered necklaces. Stacking two, three or four necklaces on top of each other is helping to bring a unique look to women this fall and winter.

Apparently punk is back yet again. No, not at Hot Topic stores, but high-end punk fashion and jewelry. Dark clothes and sterling silver jewelry is perfect to complete the look. Sterling silver chains and chokers are back as two of the top looks from the punk-style.

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Bracelets over sleeves
It may look a bit strange to those lacking fashion awareness, but bracelets over sleeves is one of the top fall and winter fashion trends. Worn above the elbow or over gloves, this is a trend that seems quite unique in 2016/17.

The only question is: is it a style that is here for the long haul?

Bohemianism is back, although it seems to come and go quite regularly in fashion trends. This fall and winter charms, chains and sterling silver trinkets around the neck or on the lapel are in.

Whether you are adorning yourself with lucky charms or chunky necklaces with a variety of objects, the style is sure to be a hit.

Fashion jewelry designers have put together several ideas for earrings this fall and winter.

One trend in the U.S. is for ladies to wear one single earring. According to Vogue, this look first appeared on the runways of NYC and it has caught on since.

Designers have also begun pairing models with mismatched earrings. The trend gives wearers an asymmetrical look. One large, one small, the trend gives wearers a more contemporary appearance.

Finally, safety pins have become popular this year. Wearing oversized safety pins as earrings not only gives a punk feel, but also adds a tough edge to the wearer.

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