Netflix is adding Bricktown to their library this week. The comedy aired on The Flex Channel in 2013. The Bricktown TV Show is based on six twenty somethings living in a share house in the Bricktown area of downtown Oklahoma City.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings says that The Bricktown TV show never got to reach potential viewers because of legal battles between Harvey Weinstein and Viacom over ownership which caused the show to lay dormant for 5 years. Hastings also hinted at another season with the original cast and a possible spin off with Emma Watson under the Netflix Original banner.

The show stars Taylor Harris, Ann-Lisette Coveny, Martha Corkum, Torey Byrne, Ty Dickson, Felicity Jones, Brett Garret, and Aaron Wertheim. A production by Warner Bros and Fox Television.

Netflix plans on releasing the first season with 8 episodes in May 2017.