With the start of the summer, the demand for the trendy and offbeat fashion jewelry rises among the men and women. Belinda Jewelz is the one-stop-shop for the beautiful summer jewelry pieces including the Necklaces, Charms, Beads, Earrings, Rings, and Pendants. However, our most popular product range during the summers is our signature line of ‘Beautiful Sterling Silver and Rose Gold Butterfly Necklaces.

Belinda Jewelz carries unique designs in our signature line of butterfly wing jewelry such as necklaces, earrings & butterfly charms that can bring an overall feeling of positivity, and freshness.

What makes our Butterfly Necklace range unique?

  • Creative designs: Belinda’s unique and creative design ideas in the butterflies’ fashion jewelry collection create a fresh and lasting impression in the eyes of the jewelry lovers. Traditionally, butterflies signify the love which when depicted in the jewelry raises the value of jewelry manifolds.
  • Multiple ideas to explore: Our butterfly jewelry necklace range is crafted intricately with many design ideas such as white gold with onyx, sterling silver, sapphire, diamonds etc to make it a charismatic jewel piece to wear. The beautiful butterflies not only hold the attention of the jewelry lovers but also create an ultimate style statement.
  • Artistic with a traditional touch: Belinda’s butterfly Necklace range is perfect for the summer with an artistic yet traditional touch to all the designs. Our butterfly designs reflect the Victorian era where the jewelry artist includes insects like wasps, bees, beetles, and butterflies that allow them to show their artistic skills with a traditional touch.


Few of the most popular pieces in this range include-

  • Sweet Butterfly Necklace featuring a Filigree Silhouette
  • Enchanting butterfly necklace in 925 sterling silver and sparkling CZ’s
  • Sterling silver butterfly necklace with blue and white CZ accents
  • Rose Gold Sterling Silver butterfly necklace with Rhodolite CZ


Our butterfly necklaces can either be worn on its own for its singular charm or can be perfectly matched with other pieces such as diamond or gray pearl earrings for a charismatic appeal.

Belinda Jewelz is the pioneer for the best-in-class and beautifully crafted designs for the summer season jewelry pieces. We make intricately unique products and contemporary designs using various ancient and contemporary art forms.

If you are looking for the best-in-class jewelry designs for the summer, Belinda Jewelz fits well in your search. Full of trendy and fashionable butterfly jewelry designs and pieces, we understand the need of every woman and men for the perfect piece of jewelry to enhance their style and look.

For more information Visit the site: https://www.belindajewelz.com