In the current food awareness climate, consumers are concerned with a plethora of factors regarding what they consume: where did the ingredients come from? Are the suppliers ethical, humane? Is the region conflict-free. But perhaps more than anything, they want to know: does a food item fit into my diet plan?

For many, food plans are restrictive when it comes to treats. Especially when those treats might contain dreaded sugar. Followers of the currently popular ketogenic diet are particularly sensitive to this, relying on substitute ingredients to attempt to make delicious snacks—not always successfully.

But what if we told you, you could enjoy a delicious Parisian chocolate éclair and stay on your
food plan?

Hala Achkar, Founder and Chief Concept Architect of BONCHOU Eclairerie has the answer: bite-size, guilt-free eclairs with attitude—each one only holding only 70 calories and 4-5g of sugar. That’s keto range sugar levels … in an éclair!

Using a classic Parisian recipe and high-quality ingredients, including cage-free eggs, hormone-free milk, real butter and real 72% bittersweet Belgium chocolate, Hala manages to deliver her eclairs with an exciting and modern twist. 

But the real secret is the flash freezing process—which took a year to perfect, in tandem with the recipe development—to ensure customers could thaw out a Bonchou éclair up to a year after purchase and still enjoy all the taste of a freshly prepared product. All of this, without and any preservatives.

If you know Hala, then you know this drive for perfection is part of her DNA. Indeed, more than a pastry chef, she is a true food, beverage and hospitality industry magnate. Over the last twenty years, she has achieved some amazing things.

In 1998 she introduced bagels to the Middle East, through Tribeca coffee and Bagels (which she created and developed). Not long after, Hala successfully oversaw the construction of, and opened, the Monroe Hotel–including its outlets–in downtown Beirut. Just three years later, she was already Managing Director of the company and had opened the Markazia Monroe Suites Hotel. Hala held this position for many years and, in 2007, was honored with the “Tourism, and Open Door for Women” Award from the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism for her achievements in the hotel and hospitality industries.

After twenty years in the world of food and beverage in the Middle East, she decided her next step would be to bring éclairs to food conscious America, challenging the idea that desserts are a sin. 

“I knew I wanted to make people smile and knew food was my secret weapon”, says Hala.

Having tried her eclairs, we’re inclined to agree. They really are a little jolt of joy.

Bonchou Eclairerie Mini Eclairs are available in chocolate, coffee, salted caramel, peanut butter, and coconut. The suggested retail price is $8.99 for six. For more information please visit