Reggae Music Star, Multiple award winner for charity music,Eno Osagie Kingsley, mostly known by his artistic name Winning Jah, was caught with 25gram of Pure marijuana by irish event organizers in Italy, as the organizers had a meeting with the Mr Big man, Coat of Many colours crooner at his villa in Italy, where he resides for many years, Mr Edgar mcKeever of the temple bar cultural events Dublin,who was so pleased about the Reggae super star’s music, he decided to contact the Singer via his management and flew to Italy, unknowinly to the star, his management arrived his house on expectedly with the visitors from ireland, as Winning came out from his studio, fully smoked with the purple eye ganja, Mr Edgar, who was earlier eager to meet the artist, decided to interupt the deal as the singer had 5 african drums playing with a long jumbo wrap of weed on his mouth,with his band rehearsing, the whole plans was terminated because of the hard marihuana smell, the on expected visitors asked Winning Jah why he smoke, the Kano State Singer replied with a question asking them “why do they eat? i usually eat 6g of weed before my performance on stage, they all took it personal, Winning Jah defined the incident as racism and discrimination.