The big apple is so big that everyone often wants a bite of it and this is exactly what one British rapper hopes to achieve as he makes plans to take his music across the borders.

Sharpey Major a rising star in the rap game in the UK is said to be planning to head to New York to discuss potential collab’s and record label deals as he plans to take his music across the waters for the first time since launching his career as a young teenager.

Sources close to Major whose real name is Jason Pearce told us ‘Sharpes is keeping his options open and he does want to come over to the US to come and experience the music scene here.’

Adding to the rumour mill the source added ‘New York is a place that has always been close to his heart’

Although Major himself hasn’t commented on these rumours he is said to be getting ready to release his hit single featuring Manchester’s Lady Ice and the rapper is also capitalising on the TV scene as he is involved in two TV shows one of which involves pole dancers.

We reached out to Major’s rep for comment this afternoon who where unavailable.