It all begins with a challenge when fans from the Nirvadha Singh Official Fan Group on Facebook, openly challenged the stunning Dr Nirvadha Singh aka DocN, that if her picture posted on 20 January 2017 reaches one million likes, that she must appear in a movie. The witty doctor, who is an author and soon to be releasing her first movie responded that it is solely up to destiny! Another fan asked Singh on what role would she prefer to act; to which she smartly replied, ‘The role of a doctor.’

Can a fan predict your future in the movie industry? The number of social media likes on a page may be for a number of reasons being; you are either very liked or; you have the usual annoying trolls, or people wanting to know what your next move is. A picture can say a thousand words and if fans love what you posted, you will have virality with an increased amount of ‘likes’ or ‘shares’ or ‘retweets’ for that matter. A certain dress style may get you more ‘hits’ than other styles which you post, then do you opt to maintain your dress sense style from the picture with more ‘clicks’ or continue being yourself?  You also have the media high at your tail with yays and nays for your style which has some influence on fans.

Some celebrities may choose to give fans what they want because a certain image which is liked, equates into a marketable possibility. Similarly, this could be equated to the perfume industry where a product is marketed by samples and if it is in demand, it would be produced. There are also those celebrities who don’t follow the norms of fan pressure. They will select a script and role which pleases them and thereafter fans will decide whether they liked the new character or not. Sort of giving them the entire perfume without the sample, and leave them wanting more.

The final question is, at approximately 750 000 ‘likes’ on her picture, will the picture of DocN’s smile reach one million, and if it does, will she accept the challenge to act in a movie? As the good doctor said in her words’ ‘It’s up to destiny’.