Broadway has always been and always will be a place to celebrate the best in the theater world. Today, to have a successful show on Broadway is not easy.  We live in a time when we have branched out of Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals; and your favorite films and TV shows are made into musicals or plays, becoming the new Broadway sensations.  Such as Mean Girls, Dirty Dancing and Waitress. To have a successful Broadway show it has to be thought provoking to today’s society and wonderfully written. In fact, we are seeing more and more famed screen actors make the shift to theater because of this; actors such as Kerry Washington. Well this next Broadway show we are going to talk about has made huge waves with its remarkable and relatable story. 

Chocoholic is true story written and performed by the talented actress Lilly Dennis.  Chocoholic is a one person show, one of the few that have been highly successful on Broadway. Dennis plays over 10 different characters with many accents, as she defends herself in this alternate reality courtroom against the accusations of being a chocoholic.  Through witnesses that are made up of her different personalities and herself at different ages, the audience is immersed in the story of a young woman whose real addiction was to a man she loved deeply.  He passes away from cancer and her way of coping with the pain is to eat chocolate.  Despite obviously this being a very amusing comedy by its setting and premise; it’s truth and heart resonate with the masses. 

Lilly Dennis is an actress that is originally from Tasmania, Australia where she was a child theater prodigy and came to Los Angeles years ago to pursue her acting career.  To say this young talent has found success would be an understatement.  Chocoholic originally premiered at The American Academy in Los Angeles and then went on to have a run at various theaters around the west coast until she was asked to bring the show to Broadway in 2018.  It was there that the show was asked to perform in United Solo Theater Festival, after its successful performance in the festival the show won Best Short Solo Show of 2018.  From then on, the show was an instant hit and made headlines in the Broadway community.  This raw and honest story of a young women simply trying to survive the devastation of her grief is heart breaking and an outstanding performance to witness.  The talent it takes to tell a story like this is rare and Lilly Dennis does so flawlessly. 

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