Detroit, MI –
Dark Rouge Park, a Detroit-based raw, soulful, and dark electronic trio committed to pursuing life’s more shadowed topics often left out of lyrics by typical musicians and producers, is shedding light on important issues we often overlook throughout our daily lives.

The only band dedicated to singing songs about the negative 18993_838016736233953_8892005591363706623_naspects of life as their own unique performance style, Dark Rouge Park explores topics like depression, suicide, domestic violence, child abuse, death, lost love, and so many other heart wrenching states.

“We want to, through our Synthpop Electronic musical expression, provide thought-provoking lyrics that get people thinking when listening,” said Edina Simon, Dark Rouge Park singer-songwriter. “It’s music that’s meant to stay with you long after listening, and we want to encourage an alternate-reality train of thought otherwise passed over.”

Dark Rouge Park’s music features dark, rhythmic electronic undercurrents, covered by powerful female vocals and eerie coordinated lyrics. The whole production brings life to the dark subject matter, and makes exploring the topics natural and more expressive for the everyday listener.

Dark Rouge Park currently has four music videos available for viewing on YouTube accompanying four of their mystifying singles. Each music video perfectly captures the spine-chilling verbiage, and leaves the viewer mesmerized, marveled, and thoroughly haunted.

“We’re encouraging everyone looking for music that is more stimulatingly interesting to give our songs a listen,” said Simon. “Spread the word, and head on over to our Soundcloud or YouTube channel today to get a better feel of our style.”

The D.R Park Entertainment Record Label produces Dark Rouge Park’s music. The band is looking forward to producing more songs and music videos in upcoming months.

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