July 18, 201, Kate White: Emotional intelligence (EQ) gained popularity in the 1990’s but has never been as relevant to the job market as it is now.  By 2020 it will be one of the top 10 job skills – a critical soft skill that has long been neglected by mainstream education.  Research studies have shown that EQ is a higher indicator of success and overall job performance than IQ.  People with high emotional intelligence also earn more than their low EQ peers – a staggering average of $29 000 more per annum.  In an ever changing and rapidly evolving business world, where humans are starting to compete with AI for not just manual work but “thinking” jobs too – the need for an emotionally intelligent, adaptable, and resilient workforce has never been stronger. We are also living in a globally connected and culturally diverse world. Emotionally intelligent people can build healthy relationships and work with people from a diversity of backgrounds and cultures.  An emotionally intelligent workforce is also more productive, less stressed, healthier, and happier.

It is this growing demand for an emotionally intelligent workforce that has motivated Core International, a New Jersey and New York based recruitment and EQ profiling and training business to open its doors.  Jane Doveton, the company President, is clearly passionate about the subject and has a fresh approach to the recruitment industry. She describes her company as being “all about people” and sees her role as a “matchmaker between client and candidate”.  Her enthusiasm is catchy as she describes the buzz she gets from making placements. She explains, “Very often in recruitment, the drive to make the sale becomes the focus for the recruiter.  High industry targets can get in the way of the relationship between the candidate and recruiter. Unintentionally the candidate can become a commodity or transaction.  This is not how we operate our business.  We are ethical recruiters and we aim to satisfy the client and candidate.  We understand how stressful the process of finding a job is and the impact one’s job has on your personal life.  We all spend so much of our time at work, it is important to be happy there. We get this and understand that finding a good fit is very important in the placement process. We do not use software applications to screen our candidates.  We appreciate technology but prefer the old-fashioned approach of getting to know our candidates and clients.  We like to physically meet people and understand that, like any relationship, qualities such as shared values between client and candidate are important”.

She goes on to say that another reason their agency is so unique is that they ensure all their candidates are EQ profiled and trained before being placed with clients.  Jane believes that being in the people business is about purpose and adding value. She clearly wants to make a positive impact.  Her company offers this profiling and training to its clients and candidates at no extra cost. It is all included in their competitive, 90-day guarantee, fee structure. She comments, “We have a lot of experience and knowledge in this area and have developed our training programme for the benefit of our candidates and clients.  EQ is in growing demand and businesses do not always have the time, skills, and budget to train their staff.  This is often the case in small and medium sized businesses.  Despite the obvious need, these skills are often neglected in favour of other training or what is perceived as more pressing expenses within budgets.  This is where we come in.  We are offering something unique in the recruitment industry.  Clients see the value in EQ training in the long term as it becomes apparent that having an emotional intelligent workforce can also save them money. They have a lower staff turnover and a more productive workforce.  The benefits are tangible to the bottom line as well.”.

I asked Jane how they deliver their training courses.  She shows me the companies bespoke online training site.  It all looks very professional and user friendly. She explains that their courses are suited to all levels from management to service staff.  Courses are delivered online, privately in the candidates own time or in a live online streaming session. The company also offers inhouse training for small or large groups.

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