Empire Boxing is set to be the leader in South East Asian fitness Boxing and Kick Boxing having the highest growth rate in its class. This is not just by the way they teach, but rather a novel approach to business.

Founder and former US Amateur Boxer and professor Robert Brewin is in charge of a shift in entrepreneurship. Featured on various television networks, print and electronic media, Brewin, a father and family man along with every franchise partner is committed to creating an environment of equality at every Empire Boxing facility.

Each branch commits to volunteerism, partnering up with various organizations, as well as creating livelihood for families of underprivileged boxers and trainers through cooperatives.

“It’s not just about making money” says the 39 year old coach and founder. “It’s centered on creating a better world, in any small way we can”.

He adds, “We hold no bias of any kind, and eject people with oppressive tendencies, that’s the way we work.”

And in a world that’s awash with hatred, a growing outfit in the Pacific is indeed pushing the positive.

Visit www.empireboxing.com.ph for more information.