Dropshipping is a method order fulfillment that does not require the business or seller to keep the items in stock. Instead, the store sells the products and then a third party supplier ships the products out to the consumer. It is a common belief that dropshipping is a “get rich quick scheme”, however that is not the case. Dropshipping has become saturated, and in turn highly competitive meaning that few actually make a profit from their stores. I had the opportunity to sit down with Scott Hilse who has taught over 3400+ people to successfully dropship, using his course Simplified Dropshipping, changing their lives completely.

Like many others, Hilse started his dropshipping store with the belief that he would have many sales. Hilse used his knowledge on funnels to come up with the one product dropshipping store. He was selling one iphone case. Despite getting a few sales, his store never took off. “When I started my store, I had no real knowledge of Facebook Ads so I shut my store off”. These few sales were not good enough for Scott to continue running his store. Hilse moved to LA to begin driving for a service, however the store never left his mind. He decided to give it another shot, however this time his approach included researching and learning about Facebook ads. “I turned the store back on, same product same format, same everything.  Fast forward a year later and on that one iPhone case I have done over $210,000 and have also taught over 3400+ people One-Product Dropshipping in my Simplified Dropshipping course” Hilse explained.

Hilse was able to troubleshoot his store, through his own experience, he is able to help others. In fact, Hilse has been able to use his dropshipping store as a means to an end, “The beautiful thing about my one-product store is that I’ve allowed Facebook & myself to hone in and  completely focus on one product. That has supplied me with an extremely seasoned, niche facebook pixel and well over 28,000 emails. I am now using this as an insanely strong foundation to build my iPhone case and accessories brand, that I am launching in the next couple weeks. In one year I expect to  make this a 7-figure company and in 5 years I see my brand being in big box retail stores across the world” he told me.

Scott has used his personal experience to create simple and effective, videos that help his clients get real results in dropshipping by taking advantage of One-Product Stores crossed with The Freedom Funnel. Hilse helps his students start a strong foundation that can help them create a brand that sells many products in the niche of their choosing. Using what is learned in the course, clients can continue to grow their revenue for years.