Renowned jazz website jazzgroupiez proudly announce to the public the release of an EP taggemillinaissance.

The EP which is a journey through bebop, smooth jazz, and modern jazz; with a lead single titled NOCHINY is an Ode to New Orleans Chicago and New York where jazz was born and raised.

The Emillinaissance was released for public consumption on the 29th December 2017. Millinaissance which was intended to be a mixtape with other jazz music acts is loaded with nice Tracks with great command and flow.

The album has been enjoying loads of airplay and downloads, as people come across the songs and fall in love at first hearing.

Jazz lovers across the globe couldnt hide their feelings stressing songs of this caliber and genre have been greatly mixed and hope the vacuum filled bjazzgroupiez will remain filled for a long time.

Jazzgroupiez has also expressed appreciation towards the acceptance of their first major work since launched in 2013.

The website commences operation which was basically assisting upcoming jazz acts to achieve success and thrive until recently after traveling around the country to meet some jazz acts such as Robert Glasper, Milton Suggs, Gregory Porter and few others.

Experience gathered so far has been instrumental in coming up with such great works such as this EP.

Jazzgroupiez must be from the heaven..Awwww! I cant believe such talents still exist, very unlike the common trends of these days, a lot of guys out there sing for the purpose of hit the body, dance and just make cash, Hell No! These songs are unique, soul lifting, I hope they keep up this trend. T. Donald

Aside from the extensive airplay received by the hit singles, its being claiming top spots in the singles chart and its widely said these tracks will stroll in for several music awards.

The album has been made available for purchase on different platforms including CD baby and Amazon, Tidai and Shopify are platforms where it could be streamed. By Friday, January 5th 2018 it will be made available on iTunes.

Fans out there are clamoring for videos of these songs and the Jazzgroupiez music group has promised never to disappoint their fans, the groups management team promises all videos will, by all means, surpass fans expectations as it must possess standards to compete internationally.

Jazzgroupiez is a group of members dedicated to the existence, thriving and sustenance of jazz music, motion and culture. The EP is the first album released by jazzgroupiez.

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