(Los Angeles, CA) – Maria Hojas, the Chilean actress who has impressed the critics with her performances, will soon be seen in the short film, ‘Affections’, which is now in post-production. Following one’s dreams against all odds as an immigrant to the US is a theme that will never exhaust itself, and ‘Affections’ explores it with greater clarity in depicting the struggles of the lead protagonist played by Maria.

Anna (Maria Hojas), an immigrant in Los Angeles, aims to achieve her dreams by making a film in collaboration with her best friend from Russia. As things move forward, one of them succumbs to nagging self doubts and decides to drop out. Anna must now strengthen her resolve and bring her project to fruition. The movie explores the many hurdles that Anna must come over, including finding emptiness in relationships. ‘Affections’ is directed by Lisette Lastra, whose recent notable works include ‘The Magnetic Tree’ (2013), ‘La comodidad en la distancia’ (2014) and ‘ByHerself’ (2016). The story has been penned by actor and writer, Rudy Weimer, known for ‘Will Save Him’ and ‘Bubble Bath’ (2015).

Of Hispanic, Eastern European descent, Maria Hojas moved to Los Angeles from Santiago three years ago to pursue her passion for telling stories. She learnt the nuances of acting and film making during her graduation from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Los Angeles. Known for her passion and commitment to creative ideas and projects, Maria has in the recent past acted in ‘Everglow’, ‘No Soy Lorena’, and ‘Barrio Universitario’.

As a trained actor and dancer, Maria pursues varied interests that include belly dance, contemporary dance, yoga, singing (alto), writing and shooting films. She finds deep connections in her pursuits, especially between yoga, meditation, creativity, acting and life. She speaks Spanish (native) and English and considers being mindful and vulnerable as the two qualities that make life’s journey worthwhile.

“There are so many stories to be told, and I believe they should be told with a sense of social and political responsibility,” says Maria.

Maria credits her success by gratefully acknowledging her family’s support at every step of her life and career. She is represented commercially by Avant Artists.

To know more, please visit: www.mariahojas.com