When we asked our staff the first thing they thought of when asked of upper corporate management they mentioned “black suit and tie… And yelling”.

Its not news that upper management can tend to be overwhelmed leading to some outbursts when employees are not efficient. Not only is this bad for business but it can cause some human resource issues at the same time.

While searching the web we found a totally new way that some early adopters in the industry are trying called “Zen Management”. Work-spaces across the country especially the tech startup and silicon valley area are implementing this new strategy of employee

We brought in expert Mario Cimmino, CEO of LinkBound; A tech startup located in Boston, Massachusetts. Mario has been practicing Zen for a few years now. We asked him to help us understand more on the topic.

Thank you for having me as a contributor of this column. Zen has been a practice of mine for two years now and I hope I can bring its amazing practice to other entrepreneurs. Zen is an Eastern Practice practiced mainly in Japan. It is a branch of Buddhism and has many other branches. There is a joke amongst the Zen community when someone asks “what is Zen to you” most practitioners always have very different and lengthy answers.

Zen for me is a way to be present, learn more about myself and fully feel emotions. Speaking of emotions this is where things usually go wrong in management. My experience with management courses has been solely focused on employee performance, which is
great, but the biggest feature I see missing is employee culture, connection and most importantly mental health and or emotions.

It’s extremely important to me in any online business that I start my employees feel that they are free to express themselves to me. This is against normal corporate culture. Most large companies can simply just replace an employee that is not working efficiently. I see this as a huge lost opportunity.

What if corporate America could take a U turn in their management strategies? Not only would they stop the churn and burn culture of firing low performing employees but the managers themselves would be required to attend meditation and emotional processing

Zen in my opinion is the perfect practice for corporate management and employees to practice in order to gain emotional intelligence. Higher emotional awareness will lead to better communication and in the end better efficiency in the workplace.

The investment upfront may be long but the payoff is worth it. Tech startups like Google, FaceBook, Spotify have been known to implement meditation and Zen strategies to help ease the tension of employees. These companies have been increasing their employee retention and efficiency ever since.

I think it’s time to let go of old ways and start to adopt a different paradigm for employee care.

If you could like to find more blog posts or reach out to Mario please visit his blog at MarioCimmino.com. His social profiles will be linked below.

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