RevBuilders, a leader in the SEO industry for over two decades, wants companies to know that SEO is still a fundamental principle of any site.

Neither marketing automation nor SEO is new factors for online brands in 2017, but with the growth of artificial intelligence in just the past year, automation tools are becoming increasingly capable and responsive. Marketing automation is able to do more for brands, but that’s only true if the right research and setup are performed. One thing that marketing automation can’t do is fully replace traditional SEO efforts.

By understanding the difference between marketing automation and SEO, brands can better prepare online messaging and increase the chances that they’ll be found online. Moz writer Angela Patteys defines marketing automation as the “use of software to deliver personalized messages to customers and leads.” The better a brand’s research and calibration is, the more customized those messages can be (and, consequently, the better they’ll perform). That’s great for lead generation, email marketing, content development and boosting conversion rates, but it doesn’t speak to the generalities of getting found online.A member of the RevBuilder’s SEO team notes that getting found online requires a comprehensive approach. “Something like SEO has been around for years now. It’s still a foundational element of how people find things online.” It’s rare that one tool will completely supersede another already successful tool, especially if the existing function is so formally enmeshed across the internet. What is more likely is that technologies and tools will work together and continue to evolve, which is exactly what is happening with marketing automation and SEO.

RevBuilders has been working with online brands since SEO — and the SERPs themselves — were fledgling concepts and technologies. By evolving with online marketing trends and investing in continuing education in the niche, RevBuilders has positioned itself to provide brands with comprehensive tools that keep them on top in the search engine results.

In addition to industry-leading SEO and website services, RevBuilders offers automated marketing tools for small and mid-size businesses. The company also offers a free 45-minute demonstration and consultation for brands that aren’t even sure what marketing automation is or whether it’s right for them. RevBuilders promises a no-strings, no-commitment demo of its automation product, which can be integrated with SEO services if businesses opt to buy in.