Tennyson Ikpi, 39, a business expert residing in Toronto, Ontario, is using social media to educate youth about finance.

Ikpi is a former banker from Nigeria, but has been seeking out independent opportunities to make a name for himself and to better the lives of others.

He is working on a new blog and using social media to create helpful posts about financial tips, investing, saving money and growing small businesses.

Ikpi wants to educate youth through social media so that they can make better financial decisions and lead happier lives.

“Social media is a great platform to teach people about finance because young people are on it,” says Ikpi.

Ikpi says that financial skills are important and need to be taught more in Canadian schools. “It’s good to educate people about finance from a young age so that they can maintain good habits throughout their lives,” says Ikpi.

Ikpi knows that social media is filled with content about all sorts of topics, which is why he thinks educating people about finance on social media is a great way to be a positive influence.

“It will be a good use of people’s time if they can use social media to learn a few tricks about finance,” says Ikpi.

Ikpi currently spends his afternoons working on new blog posts and planning social media campaigns to educate people about finance.

“The future looks bright and I am so excited to teach people useful tips they can use throughout their lives,” says Ikpi.

“I want to be a mentor for others,” says Ikpi.

I want to be the person I needed when I was younger so that people can lead happy lives and make good decisions that will benefit them forever.”