Get rid of the health care plan, including the biggest campaign promises billionaire

Donald Trump said he could not undo Obamacare, perhaps the most election promises.
The president-elect has made clear reversal after meeting with Barack Obama at the White House this week, he said.
Mr. Trump sees “change” Affordable Care Act, not to abolish it, he told Wall Street Journal.
“Whether Obamacare will be changes, or cancel and replace,” he said in an interview with Trump. “I said that I would see the proposals and respect, I will do it.”

Once the president and president-elect met at the White House, Mr. Trump said he and Obama discussed “some difficulties” facing the country, but “some great things have been achieved.” Some take that last statement as a reference to Obamacare and any other possible policies, and potential proposals that Mr. Trump can win around that was one of the flagship policies of Barack Obama, but one hated by many Republicans.

Obama also said he was “encouraged” Mr. Trump willing to work with his team, telling him: “We want to do everything we can to help you succeed because if you successfully land.”

Tense meeting far more respect than the exchange between them during the presidential campaign in which Obama called Mr. Trump does not deserve to be president and Mr. Trump said Obama “founder of Isis.”

Mr. Trump said after he talked with leaders of Congress, soon after his first meeting with Obama, whose health will be one of the top priorities in office.

“We will move very much on immigration. We will move very much on health. And we see the work. Big league job,” he told reporters.

Speaking at the Wall Street Journal, Mr. Trump said he could keep at least two major provisions of the Bill of Health. He said he supports the preservation of an important part of Obamacare, which stops insurers from refusing to cover people because they have an condition, and another that allows parents to add coverage for their children in their policies.

“I like them very much,” he told the newspaper.

Mr. Trump said he would still seek to strengthen the border with Mexico, and that he would look into bank deregulation so they can “lend again.”