[New York, February 28, 2016] Fashion in New York is as diverse as the city itself, boasting an ever-expanding roster of designers who are pushing the envelope. So for this year’s spring-fashion issue, we decided to focus on the designer from behind the scenes. We would argue that replenishing your warm-weather wardrobe is one of the best things to do in the spring. But before you hit Gotham’s stellar range of clothing stores and department stores for the latest styles, get to know the industry’s rising, self-made local talent, who gives a fresh take on everything from progressive women’s wear to edgy hyper feminine looks for inspiration. In the infamous words of Tim Gunn, this designer knows how to “make it work.”

Janvi Ghatalia has circulated in the fashion scene for almost a decade with having worked for a large variety of designer across the world. But today we are going to talk about her latest endeavor at HANLEY NYC. Janvi began at Hanley in the summer of 2015 and worked there for the rest of the year. In this short time, she managed to shift the companies dynamic. Ms. Ghatalia created many of the fundamentals pieces that are being used to this day. In fact, her outfit was even starred on HBOs TV show Girls. And if you are anything like, you have probably watched the episode and most definitely loved that dress. Janvi also designed handbags and scarfs and created patterns for a majority of the outfits. No doubt that Janvi is brilliant, she also created a new, modern and innovative signature button placket for HANLEY.

This 22-year-old Mumbai native has become furiously more important in the fashion industry with having a world of experience under her belt. Much like the cable news, we’ll be watching closely.