For those who don’t know yet: KAIYA is a beautiful and charismatic musical creature, electronic-indie-pop artist based in NYC.

She was born in a small town in mysterious and authentic Ukraine and grew up in the European fashion world modeling professionally in Paris, Tokyo, and then finally in New York. She’s been living in Brooklyn since 2007, working in fashion, music and fine arts. Since 2016 KAIYA has been sharing her creative universe with fellow Brooklynite and electronic artist, a singer&producer named ÅMBE. From the first moment they met, the two just clicked. As a result of this collaboration in April 2017 they released KAIYA’s debut single “GAMES” – a perfect combination of songwriting sensibilities alongside crisp & fresh electronic beats, co-produced by Brooklyn-based producer ADMRL. The single was released on ADIM Records and has gotten great feedback from both, audience and music blogs. Two months later, in June KAIYA released her “GAMES” Remix – a nice electronic-lounge vibe, with an added layer of ethereal vocal production.

KAIYANow it seems about time for a new release! KAIYA’s new single “GIMME” is going to be a huge surprise for all of those who like indie pop minimalism and “everything in its place” modern electronic production. Tasteful guitar parts abound, the beat sits somewhere on the edge of a new pop implication and a vintage organic sound. All of this is just a necessity to bring us into the song’s lush and spacial atmosphere, allowing KAIYA’s vocals, simultaneously perched on the edge of being intimately sweet, and at the same time threatening and dripping with sarcasm: “I will always love you, until I go before you know..”

This musical union is destiny… These guys were simply meant for each other to create some awesome music! “GIMME” – written and produced by ÅMBE and co-produced by ADMRL, inspirited by KAIYA’s vocals. Brace yourself for the cultural epoch to come… Watch out for their latest single and lyric video!

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