Dan Nicholson of Nth Degree CPAs of Seattle has been selected by ADP to share his accounting and business knowledge on ADP’s Thrive Platform. He has had four articles approved and published with ADP (Automatic Data Processing) for these business categories: Profit Maximization, Finance, and Business Strategy. Nicholson says, “When they launched the Thrive platform they handpicked several of the top business writers from around the globe, so it’s an honor to have my thoughts and articles included amongst them on the platform.”

ADP began in the 1950s as a small payroll processing firm, but over the years has become one of the largest industries of human resources (HR) software solutions, payroll and other outsourced solutions in the business world. ADP provides services that ultimately lower costs for companies, while staying at the forefront of changes and updates.

Jacob W. Daniel ADP expert writing in his article ‘Why Choose to Outsource to a Payroll Bureau?’ says, ” . . . the less time companies spend working on developing and operating their in-house payroll, the more time they have left to focus on their core business activities. This is ultimately every business owner’s dream and probably the reason they first set up the business, so this is a true benefit – in addition to allowing companies to be more profitable in the long run.”  While ADP has many competitors, they created the payroll processing field and still generally lead it.

ADP maintains their free online resource for small and middle market business owners (SMBs) on Thrive. “Thrive is designed to propel your small to midsized business forward. As your strategic advisor and trusted resource, Thrive provides insights to address challenges, promote growth, and power your small business to its full potential.” This platform contains articles that target operations, sales and marketing, business protection, talent management, profit, and business strategy insights. The articles are written by industry experts who are happy to share their strategies. ADP carefully selects contributors to keep advice and insights current.

Dan Nicholson founded Nth Degree CPAs in Seattle, Washington. It is one of the fastest growing accounting firms in the U.S. He attended Seattle University and graduated Summa Cum Laude (emphases in both Accounting and E-Commerce Information Systems). Nicholson remains a driving force in accounting.

Article #1 – Besides the Bottom Line, What Are You Measuring?

“If you want your company to be truly financially stable, there’s a lot more you should be measuring than just your profits.”

Article #2 – Share the Books with Your Employees

“Your business’s financial reports have useful information for every person on your team, so why aren’t you sharing them?”

Article #3 – How and Why to Clarify Your Business Goals

“Financial goals are important, but we have to look past the numbers and set markers for growth that go beyond the spreadsheet.”

Article #4 – Sometimes the Fix Is Not in Your Books

“When cash flow is tight, the obvious solution may be to cut expenses. Here’s why you should think more holistically about your small business finances.”

To read the complete four articles visit: https://www.adp.com/thrive/contributor/dan-nicholson-2220

By Don Doman

Don Doman is a published author of self-help small business books, a digital marketer, an imagineer, and a community instigator.