Interior Designing is an art form and requires a lot of creativity, patience, and talent. To get the interiors that you always dream of, you need to hire a designer who can turn your dream into reality. While there is no shortage of designers to design your interiors, if you want your interiors to be one-of-a-kind, you need to consult a designer who can go that extra mile to deliver those designs which would totally make your interiors stand out from the crowd. One such designing firm is Chacur Design & Interiors, which strives to deliver excellent interior designs that encapsulate your dream and captures the viewer’s mind. Chacur is a design firm with over 25 years of interior designing experience.

Headed by the company president and Chief Designer Julio Chacur, the company has built a reputation in the interior designing industry which is second to none. They are a global phenomenon with offices in Brazil, United States, France and the United Arab Emirates, which gives them insights into a wide variety of architectural styles and designs and helps them create stunning works of art.

Unlike other interior designing companies. Chacur has expertise in the design of interiors at various places, from designing buildings to designing nightclub and high-end residences. In addition to designing, they also handle other aspects of the interiors like lighting, furniture, fitting and furnishings to even determining artwork that would fit best in the given setting. They are also capable of restoring old and historical structures, which is an added bonus. The multi-faceted approach of Chacur is made possible by its team, which consists of people who have creativity oozing out of them and have achieved distinction in their field.

In addition to interior designing, Chacur also designs and manufactures a range of furniture and furnishings to complement any interiors. From retro-themed furniture to elegant modern-themed furniture, Chacur has it all. Their global experience gives Chacur a huge advantage when compared to their peers, as they are able to source the best of materials and designers for their furniture. Their furnishings are made using the best of fabrics and are hand stitched by weavers who possess skills passed onto them by their forefathers. All this makes Chacur a one-stop-shop to design, complement or remodel your interiors to get that perfect look.

Chacur is also a part of the prestigious IIDA, or the International Interior Design Association, which is an organization containing members from the best interior designing firms. Chacur’s high quality work means that they have been recipients of several awards and honoraries too. In addition, Chacur is also part of the US Green Building Council, meaning all raw materials sourced by Chacur are sustainably sourced and their designs are eco-friendly. To have a look at the high-quality work done by Chacur, visit their website