Stankevicius MGM company got listed on Inc. company list.

Stankevicius is a business consultancy firm providing global business insights and news. Stankevicius is a PR influencer and expert in digitization providing a wide range of digital services to diversified client base. Stankevicius has consulted Fortune 500 companies as well as international SMEs.

Stankevicius also provides corporate consulting including but not limited to import and export of precious commodities. Stankevicius has consulted Chinese, Hong Kong, Dubai, European and US investors. Stankevicius focuses on foreign investors’ capital protection when it comes to foreign FOB & CIF trade deals of precious metals & minerals.

Stankevicius MGM has been developing super star PR services for international clients. Firm is working closely with world’s top business magazines offering most exclusive PR services for international clients.

Stankevicius MGM is launching a new PR service in early 2018 with an ability to reach millions of people worldwide in a blink of an eye, providing maximum
exposure for clients in terms of branding and business. This exclusive PR service will start from $100,000 and will be available in Asia in late January, 2018.