“INFERNO”, Born and raised in the South West of Sydney, Australia, the 22 year old artist and lyricsit feels like he has seen it all in the industry at a young age. 

Inferno started to take his rap career serious at the age of 13, and begun to make a series of mixtapes, recording at council run studios, making and physically burning CD’s to sell at his high school. 

Inferno was often quick to sell out of CD’s after he hustled people to buy them, there was soon a high demand for his records when people began to notice the passion and great use of storytelling through his lyrics.
Upon releasing a bunch of CD’s and projects, Inferno used the money he earnt off his mixtapes to invest in a home studio, and released music on the regular. Shortly after graduating high school, the rapper picked up a manager by the age of 18 and was ready to take on the music world. 

From a young age, Inferno has wanted to go back to his fathers home country in the United States, to inspire and showcase his talents to the world and also put Australia on the map.

Doing what seems to be the impossible, Inferno’s manager got him a deal with a well known management company in Los Angeles. However this took a quick turn, upon Inferno signing the contract, his manager presented unprofessionalism and also promises things to the company she could not deliver on. 

Inferno lost the contract due to this, fired his manager and went almost a year without wanting to make music.

In 2018, Inferno set out his come back and released four singles to end the year and plans to bring the momentum into the new year.

‘Doing Better’ is Inferno’s first release of many in 2019. The track is a summary of his past and an intro into the present through clever wordplay and great lyricism. 

Inferno has been topping charts in the underground of Sydney Australia, and has been working hard with the help of his Producer PAX, Mentor Taha and Mixing/Mastering engineer Gambino. 

His long term vision is to have a significantly positive impact on Australian Hip Hop and it’s culture through his unique style of storytelling over modern instrumentals. Inferno hopes that one day he can inspire and represent his country on the Global stage through his music and build a legacy that has a generational impact on the Australian Youth, to chase their dreams and overcome barriers that get in the way of achieving their goals.