Thien La is a Vietnamese-American photographer bringing his cinematic-style photographs to the national stage. Although Thien la is the most paid photographer, his work portrays the experience of a photographer with decades of experience. The young and confident photographer from Charlotte, N.C has the ability to show life through his powerful photographs.


Thien was born in Vietnam and immigrated to Los Angeles, 20 years ago with his family. Similar to many immigrants Thien and his family came to Los Angeles with the American Dream, and Thien also followed the entrepreneurial path and established and sold several businesses. Despite his success in the entrepreneurial world, Thien knew he hasn’t tapped into his inner creativity. Thien discovered his talent and his love for photography when he shot some photographs for his friend’s MySpace page. Once he discovered his passion, there was no stopping him in the photography world.


Over the three years of his career, Thien has established himself as an experienced photographer who has worked with renowned designers including Oscar de la Renta and has contributed to several local and national magazines i.e. Harper’s Bazaar, OK! Magazine, Charleston Style & Design, and Bay Fashion Magazine.

A Diverse Portfolio 

Thien’s work is not just limited to the fashion industry but he has a very diverse portfolio with an experience in product photography and wedding photography under his belt. Thien loves to work with models, according to him,“ with only a little direction, a great model automatically knows what to do,” he explains. One of his favorites is supermodel Sessilee Lopez, with whom he did a shoot for Vietnam’s Harper’s Bazaar. “She could pose without being directed and was able to make her gown flow beautifully,” he says. Working with experts like Lopez, explains Thien, has taught him how to direct less experienced models.

With a specialty in fashion photography, Thien offers his expertise in several fields and also mentors up-and-coming photographers in his workshops and blogs. Some of the topics Thien covers in website and workshop include:
Thien is not only a successful photographer but he is also known for his calm demeanor which makes him a favorite amongst fashion designers, models, and photography assistants.
In addition to his passion for photography Thien also loves cars and he has built a special Ferraris Thien is a living example of the American Dream.