I am pretty sure my opinion is biased, because as a rape victim, so my judgement will be clouded & I will never appreciate the sexual rationale of the normal male. I attended every therapy session that I can find, I tried dating my therapists, shy guys, bisexual guys, but no matter what I do my image of the male will always be the image engraved in my mind as a young teen rape victim. I couldn’t discuss my fears in real life with real men, because they usually bypass the uncomfortable aspects of rape & it somehow becomes diluted into a minor problem that they can help me get over with.

If I am a typical rape victim, which I am assuming is the case, then every rape victim can never live a normal life after rape, it’s a psychological life sentence that gets passed down to us & we carry that burden for the rest of our lives. The popularized idea of rape comes from cinema, usually a very fast sexually saturated scene (that arouses males) & it’s over before it sinks in that a life was wasted.

Rape should be shown as it is, in its raw, dark, uncomfortable form, prior to Rape Story (2015), my pick for the most realistic rape movie was Irreversible (2002) where the director (Gaspar Noé) had Monica Belluci violated for 9 minutes. Due to the duration of the scene Males were not able to stay aroused through the whole scene & by the end of the scene they realized rape is murder not a fantasy, for years that scene was my therapy & my method of explaining what happened to me to every person I know without having to tell them my own rape story, in 2015 while I was attending a rape awareness meeting in Los Angeles I got to see a private screening of Rape Story, a film that was partially sponsored by rape awareness agencies & delivered a realistic dose of male violence. The rape scene extended over an hour & it was difficult to endure, but it delivered the message loud and clear. Well that’s what I hoped; I waited for the movie to release into the big screen. Contacted the producer (Chris Dwyer) with no replies, the director (Felix Arno) responded to my emails, he said his work ended with directing the movie & I should ask the producer. A few months later I emailed the director asking him to give us a copy of the movie, he replied that due to pending legal action he no longer can reply to my emails. I did my own homework & I found out that the man who played the rapist role was a registered sex offender in Los Angeles. As much as this disturbs me, I still hope that all legal problems are set aside & the rest of the world gets to see the movie that some us got to experience.

This is my request for other filmmakers to serve a purpose and honorable cause for once, Rape should become less trivial & the portrayal of rape in the cinema should be re-examined.

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