This Thanksgiving 2017, Prospect Heights Remembers “Precious”. The Dog who grew up in the church at 241 Park Pl with Mr. Haro among very decent law abiding members including children and elders.

Family and friends of Robert Haro are still in agony and quite furious over the mysterious and malicious attack on their young pitbull who died in March of 2017 after being rushed to the nearest Animal Hospital from what many say are knife wounds.

Mr. Haro, A resident near the Park slope area on Prospect place for over 20 years is still seeking for answers as to what happened to his dog Precious who was found mutilated after minutes of leaving her in their backyard. The beautiful white pitbull was only 8 months old and quite friendly as most would describe. After numerous false claims by neighbors describing his church building as a night club, Mr. Haro property was illegally searched without a warrant as the 77th precinct has done numerous times in attempt to intimidate and bully the dog and property owner. To add insult to injury, Mr. Haro was falsely accused of fighting dogs which most people who know him testify to be absurd and fabricated by conspiring members of NYPD in cahoots with a few spoiled and ignorant neighbors who of the block association committee. Why is the police behaving so dirty knowing this man’s record is clean? Why is this Haitian Baptist Church of over 40 years on prospect pl being violated by new residents of less years. Who else has a similar scenario ?

On the NYPD news site,(march) 2017 an article was posted where police claimed to have “rescued” a dog from the location but showed no picture of Precious The dog. The picture posted was of the mother healthy Emma who is currently with its owner Melinda. She says Mr. Haro is innocent and she supports him a hundred percent. Mr. Haro’s friendship is valued and trust is not an issue”.
(Mr. Haro) “I’m outraged, hurt, sad ” how was the dog killed?” “All I’ve done is help these neighbors who I hope can have compassion and courage to come forward with any information in regards to this wicked act of animal cruelty”. Mr. Haro says he has not been at peace since the attack due to constant harassment by a small group of thuggish police officers using scare tactics from stop and frisk to stalking his church members, producers and interns. “They want to keep me isolated”. After what happened to my dog I feel my life is threatened”.

Residents nearby like Tai Chi instructor ,Phil Cruz , acquaintance of prospect pl block association members believe without a doubt that Mr. Haro is one of many victims of Real Estate Terrorism amongst other blacks who are targeted for refusing to sell their property. The question remains. Who killed Precious ? What happened to the dog ? If anyone in the area knows anything that can help solve this mystery , we urge you to come forward”.

While trying to find closure on this matter, Mr. Haro tries to maintain a nonprofit organization called Helping Hands. Besides being a music director he has contributed and hosted recreational, sports, self defense,and Performing arts/music classes for both adults and at risk youth at the Haitian Baptist Church located on 241 Prospect pl in Brooklyn. Mr. Haro is actually considering moving out of gentrified Brooklyn to where he can teach music freely. When I asked him where that is , he responds “God is the best knower”.

Written by Holking Brice
contributors: Phillip Cruz
Josh brother of Mr. Haro
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