I have interviewed many personalities over the last five years, but I was very curious and excited about this interview because I wanted to grasp how this multi-talented, doctor and writer can be such a charismatic yet beautiful woman. She is a dynamite doctor and writer packed with ‘geniusness’; meet Dr Nirvadha Singh in my first telephonic interview continued in Part 2.

Kerry Coleman: When it comes to love, many personalities shy away from this topic. Nirvadha, what is your opinion on traditional love versus modern love?

Nirvadha Singh: Well Kerry, I am of the firm belief that love is a beautiful and sacred bond between two soulmates.  In my eyes, love is life hence we should always treasure this unique gift from above. Love also has a magical feel to it as well, so it has many entities being physical, emotional and spiritual.

Kerry Coleman: The magical part sounds like a fairy tale thought and if you could be any character in a fairy tale, who would you choose and why?

Nirvadha Singh: I would love to be Nala, the little lioness from the Lion King movie. I think each one of us has the ability to allow our inner courage and strength to drive us forwards. Her name itself is beautiful with several dialects. In African, although it literally means lioness, it is also referred to as successful; in Sanskrit, it holds the meaning of a strong stem and in Arabic it means first drink of water.

Kerry Coleman: On the point of movies, what is your first movie titled and how far is it in production?

Nirvadha Singh: Currently, my first movie is being scripted by a team of us and will be a short film. We chose a short film first because short films are currently very promising in the entertainment arena. We will be taking this film from start to end production. The name of the movie will be released post production. I can say that the film will hold a theme of hope and positivity.

Kerry Coleman: How do you manage to ‘switch on’ from one mode into another i.e. from medicine to movies?

Nirvadha Singh (in a charismatic laugh): Actually, the left hemisphere of the brain is more scientific and analytical whereas the right hemisphere of the brain is more creative and practical. We need to always find a balance between the two sides and learn to develop each side of the brain. I found that I liked both writing and science from the time I was a little girl. Our universe is an integration of many realms which includes art and science.

Kerry Coleman: In terms of science, there are on-going debates on allopathic medicine versus alternative medicine. What is your take on this Nirvadha?

Nirvadha Singh: Both allopathic and alternative medicine has strong and important roles to play in an individual’s health. Example, a diabetic patient will go to a surgeon to manage a gangrenous foot, and then to a dietician to discuss the relevant diabetic diet which is an important component of managing their diabetes in terms of lifestyle. Hence I prefer a holistic integration of medicine which is a much more biopsychosocial approach to treat the individual comprehensively.

Kerry Coleman: Dr Nirvadha, you have just simplified this concept and when you speak of lifestyle, can you mention some of the things one on a daily basis?

Nirvadha Singh: Lifestyle modification is important to prevent many diseases Kerry. So exercise, yoga, drinking lots of water, halving your meat intake by replacing with more veggies, less red meat and more white meat, less sugary refined foods and more natural sugars such as fruits and making some quiet time for yourself to just absorb the day and self-reflect. All these contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

Kerry Coleman: Dr Nirvadha, it has been a great pleasure connecting with you. We wish you all the best for the future.

Nirvadha Singh: Thank you Kerry for the opportunity to be interviewed.