Connecticut’s attorney Brian W. Prucker, launched a new website in November 2016. He is the pioneer of American Legal Services, LLC, an organization established in 1985 to advocate for people in court over personal injuries, accidents, and workers’ compensation instead of representing companies. Brian launched his website to give the lovely people of Connecticut the opportunity to be represented in court with the help of top expert attorneys.

Brian W. Prucker received his J.D. from the University Of Connecticut School Of Law. He held a very significant post at the Office of United States Attorney as a clerk. A man of his caliber, Brian’s exemplary leadership has booked him a seat with the top attorneys of this great nation. His individual accomplishment and experience cannot be ignored.

He is a member of Connecticut Bar Association, Association of Trial Lawyers of America, Associate Editor CTLA Forum, University of Connecticut School of Law Dean’s Council, and the CTLA Worker’s Compensation Committee and few other committees. For over thirty-one years, Brian has been an inspiration to many, representing people all over Connecticut in court and making sure they get justice.

He is a workers’ compensation lecturer, appellate advocate, trial counselor, and a past member of some committees.Attorney Brian has handled numerous high profile cases successfully. Among many, he represented two Department of Environmental Law Enforcement captains dismissed for reporting stolen watercraft in possession of the Lt. Governor’s son which he won the case after legislative hearings. In regards to injured workers’ compensation in the watershed case of Borent v. State of Connecticut, he established that each day of exposure to repetitive trauma is a new day for purposes of the statute of limitations.
Also in the civil case of Mark v. LaValley, he defined the workhorse rule of collateral sources as to comparative negligence, a case of particular importance to pre-trial settlements. His advocating for Latvian immigrants whose estate flared a court dispute where Attorney Prucker had to challenge the court appointed administrator to a successful claim is a remarkable accomplishment.

American Legal Services, LLC, gives honest counsel to clients who seek justice if they really stand a chance in court before encouraging them on the next line of action to take. With the hard work of diligent and passionate attorneys who delight in helping clients get compensated, you get relieved as your case is handled by professionals.

As one cannot guarantee the outcome of a case, Brian and his team are committed to winning clients’ case in personal injury, motor vehicle accident, social security disability (SSD), supplemental security income and more. They are so good at their job that you only pay when your case is won or when you recover. In other words, you won’t pay for a lost case.

However, in a press release on 14th of October 2016, by who’s who Directories, Attorney Brian W. Prucker, was selected for inclusion in the 2017 edition of Top Attorneys of North America for his accomplishment in the legal service.

Brian W. Prucker’s goal is to help hardworking people of Connecticut and their families recover from the adverse effects of accidents and injuries caused by the negligence and carelessness of others including workplace trauma and disability. People of Connecticut can be assured of justice as Vernon, CT attorney launched a new website dedicated to helping the community get their entitled benefits. New website

American Legal Services, LLC,
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