Rob Sperry is a speaker, a world traveler, big time investor, father, husband, best selling author, Network Marketing professional, and a renowned coach to high-level influencers.

Rob has been featured on dozens of podcasts, mentioned in a few books about entrepreneurship and even written about in the famous, business for home magazine.

Then in 2017, he was voted the Top Network Marketing Coach out of dozens of extremely notable leaders.

For those not familiar, Network Marketing did over $200 billion in sales last year and continues to grow rapidly all over the planet. This industry has created more success stories than virtually any other in history.

Rob’s story may now look like a success but like all successful people he went through many challenges. He is naturally an introvert, which in many ways has helped him to become a much better trainer. At first his skills weren’t natural. They were learned and practiced many times over. Since his skills were learned he is better able to teach you the specific steps to attain success in your life.

Rob is not active in building an organization at the moment but has found a unique way to provide massive value to the space with his own brand, The Game Of Networking or TGON Nation and his best selling book titled, The Game Of Networking.

He has done a phenomenal job at building an online presence for himself and his brand by providing endless value to those within the direct sales world.

Rob hosts a series of interviews in his 30k Facebook group, where he talks with multimillionaires about their secrets to success.

He also has a 28k Instagram page full of daily content helping the average person live an above average lifestyle.

This past October, Rob held his first ever LIVE event at the beautiful 4 diamond resort in Mexico called the Vidanta.

There were over 30 people who paid to travel down for this epic 4 -day mastermind with Rob.

When asked what his WHY is in life this was his response:

“Every one of us has to have a deep why in life. A why so strong that we are willing to push through our objections but sometimes just being persistent and tough isn’t quite enough. My why and what drives me is my family. I want them to all grow up having choices in life and know what is the most important aspects of life.”

To learn more about Rob Sperry and the entire TGON Nation make sure to follow him on Instagram @thegameofnetworking and join his Facebook group The Game Of Networking.