Rosanna and Winston Javier are a New York-based married couple who, with their daughter Chanell, “show the world a different vision of style.” Leveraging their social media channels, Rosanna and Winston use their aesthetic, business and technical knowledge to deliver interesting content that lifts both individuals and brands. Their model is so successful that Disney, Burger King, Neutrogena, Hampton Hotels, Amazon, Yves Saint Laurent Beaute, and Coca-Cola have all trusted this couple with their brands. With a cult following of more than half a million on Instagram (@Glamdapper)—organically grown—it’s easy to see why.

How did it start? With a hobby; Rosanna’s hobby, actually. Rosanna studied interior design while Winston read fashion marketing at university. In 2014 they decided to join Rosanna’s glam with Winston’s dapper to create GlamDapper. So, what does GlamDapper actually do?

First and foremost, high-end pictures. Using top of the line equipment, Rosanna and Winston shoot beautiful stills that enthrall and engage their followers. These photos are posted to all GlamDapper’s platforms, developing buzz for the individual or brand. These pictures can also be supplemented with video footage. Rosanna and Winston create vlogs that tell a specific narrative and showcase a given brand. The couple also captures unique behind-the-scenes action which is then shared on Instagram Stories, showing they are still human. 

Finally, the couple offer to be where you want them. Rosanna and Winston can put together a casual get together with their influencer friends, or come to a brand or individual’s event, live streaming the action. 

All in all, it this unique offering only works because these two are a true partnership. A bit of Glam and dash of Dapper.