“Final expense tele-sales” is a term that describes the practice of selling final expense insurance over the telephone. This insurance covers the final expenses that someone will create upon their death, such as funeral, burial, medical and any other expenses directly linked to their death. Some people refer to this as burial insurance, but it covers more than just burial expenses.

On the sales side, there are insurance agents in every state of the country who purchase or obtain leads of possible clients and then try to meet with them at their homes. The purpose of the meetup is to present their sales pitch about why final expense insurance is so valuable to purchase. If the prospective client is old or on the verge of death, then they’ll probably succumb to the sales pitch of the agent.

However, insurance agents are limiting themselves by going to the homes of these sales prospects. It takes a lot of time to get dressed, schedule an appointment with each individual prospect, and then drive to their home and spend an hour with them. What happens if the agent does not achieve a sale? That means all that time they spent was for nothing.

A former insurance executive turned entrepreneur named Ramiz Hakim recognized this problem in the insurance industry. He used to see agents literally exhausting themselves by driving to see 10 to 20 clients per day at their homes. This was when Hakim thought to himself, “Wouldn’t it be easier to just call these prospects on the telephone?” He had a good point because speaking on the phone is just as personal as speaking to them in-person. The only difference is you don’t see each other, but it’s not necessary when selling insurance.

Hakim concluded that insurance agents could increase their sales productivity by calling 30 to 50 prospects per day instead of visiting a fraction of that number. Not only will the agents earn more in commission, but they will also be helping more families as well. The success rate of sales ends up being higher on the telephone anyway. 

When a prospect is caught off-guard on the phone, and they learn about the benefits of final expense insurance, they’re more likely going to make a deal. It is less intimidating to them than someone coming to their home in a suit and pressuring them to sign insurance papers on the spot. It is also less intimidating for the agents to use the phone versus an in-person visit. 

Final Expense tele-sales can be performed by anyone with an insurance license. Hakim has created a company which recruits independent agents all the time. North Star Insurance Advisors is always looking for new or existing agents who are eager to help people and make money. The two biggest requirements are that the agents must speak well on the phone and have good sales skills. No other skills are needed beyond that, not even marketing skills.

Hakim is always available to advise the insurance agents too. Hundreds of agents throughout the country have quit their traditional insurance gigs to join North Star. They are not actual employees of North Star because they’re working as independent contractors for the company. The upside is that practically anyone is eligible for hire if they have an insurance license. The downside is that the job pays by commission only. But if an agent is good at sales, then their commissions will add up quickly.