There is not much more rewarding to me than helping get the word out about a great company run by even better people. In this interview, I had the opportunity to connect with two wonderfully knowledgeable men from Raleigh, North Carolina, Romeo Lassiter and Becket Fusik, whom both have backgrounds in digital marketing and are the masterminds behind Avail Consultants. It’s no secret that now is the time to really enhance your footprint on the web, and I’m excited to admit that these two are changing the face of online advertising. Check it out for yourself:

What’s your story?

Avail was started a year and a half ago with the hopes to help business owners understand the full capabilities of using the internet to grow their business. We observed many agencies overcharging for marketing services that were basic necessities for businesses in 2019, so we decided to create a company that would not only allow anyone to learn about the power of social media and the internet, but also let help them utilize it to its full capabilities.

What keeps you both working so hard and excited to serve fellow business owners?

We are passionate about collaboration! Our mission at Avail Consultants is to help other business owners reach their full potential, plain and simple. Avail was created to build long-term partnerships with our clients and to help them surpass their competition through superior branding and marketing. Wherever we can best provide value for our clients, we will be there! By strengthening the integrity of our business relationships, and treating other businesses like our own, Avail will act as the bridge that spans the gap between where a business currently is to where the business wants (and can) be!

What have you accomplished thus far in your journey?

We have created an agency that has helped brands grow to 8 figures, helped small businesses expand, and given business owners the tools to take their business to the next level while being excited about it. The consultation tools we have developed range from teachings to events to content and a variety of different services. We are very proud of the fact that through all of it we have stuck to our three core values: integrity, persistence, and synergy.

What would you say differentiates you from everyone else in your field of work?

We’ve worked very hard to make Avail unique, and we believe we have done that. There are a few things that set us apart from other agencies in the digital space. The first thing being that we are a consulting firm that also provides done-for-you services. We teach our clients how to fully utilize the power of social media and online marketing. We go into depth on how to create loyal customers, how to brand and expand themselves and their business, while providing services to grow their business and gain omnipresence.

The second major thing that differentiates us is that we have positioned ourselves in a place where we can help ANYONE grow their business. Having worked with clients and partners in 30 or more different industries, it has allowed us to test and try a countless number of services and strategies. Through those trials, we have developed an array of services that will work with anyone’s budget and have proven to be able to help any business, brand, or person grow and improve their business.

Lastly, when you become our client at Avail, we treat your business as if it is our business. We immerse ourselves in all of our clients’ businesses so we can understand what it really is about and the long-term vision of what we are building. Everyone on our team plays a specialized role helping every client because we know attention to detail is key for building long term brands and generating revenue.

What are your top 5 practice tips you can share with our readers as it relates to the digital marketing industry?

That’s tough because we have learned way more than just 5 things, but we would have to say:

1. Attack your market and customer base from as many angles/platforms possible.
2. Release content every day across the entire digital space.
3. Test, fail, learn – in that order.
4. Stay authentic but still be open to adapting and changing.
5. Always provide value first.

You guys took the leap and have been successful since. If someone reading this was considering jumping into entrepreneurship, in any industry, what would you say to them?

We would tell them to really consider why they want to be an entrepreneur, and actively think about whether they are just getting into the game for short-term rewards or because they are truly passionate about their idea and building a business. Also, it is important to remember that failure is a HUGE part of the journey, and if you aren’t alright with the idea of being knocked down and having to get up and start over, then it’s probably not a journey you’ll enjoy taking.

Let’s say our readers were interested in learning more about Avail, and/or using your services for their own businesses. What would be the best way for them to get ahold of either of you?Our website is, and we offer consultations that you can book right from there. We look forward to helping you increase your digital footprint! Thank you for having us!