Kifah Ballani has recently become a well-known name, especially among the people active on social media and the lovers of photography sessions. He is a Lebanese young man who has not yet reached the age of 23 and is now one of the famous celebrity photographers in the Arab world.

The latest works of the latter appeared in a “lyrics video” of Amer Zeidan’s “Sana Santi”, which included pictures by Kifah Ballani, that showed the star with a new look that won the admiration of the public who praised the work of Ballani and Zian together. He has also worked with several stars including the artist Amar, the artist Shiraz, the star Joseph Attieh, the star Marita Hellani, the director Jad Choueiri, the program presenter Anabella Hilal, Dolly Ayach and many other celebrities.