Minnesota rapper Chillah Rose is spending a lot of time on both the north and south side of the city. He started rapping at the age of 11 with the inspiration from his cousins J.Issac & Hen , but didn’t start taking his craft serious until the age of 19. He linked up with an engineer who seen his vision and hit the ground running, In 2007 he formed a label called Hardbody Muzik Inc. The collective was made up of him and four other guys from North Minneapolis. In that same year, Chillah did 23 shows in various venues around the city and 2 of which were held in one of biggest venues in Minneapolis, The Target center.

Chillah has recorded over 1000 songs and collectively put together 17 albums worth of music but only 1 of them have been released, The Blvk Rose (2016), He released his sophomore album ‘Rose Above It All EP’ 1.19.19. He plans on taking the world by storm with this project. Follow up to date with his progress via his social media and his upcoming music releases.