This is a story about Meagan Faye. A girl who exceeded everyone’s expectations and assumptions about children who grow up in poverty.

Here in the US, about one in five children live in households below the poverty line. Statistically speaking, most children that are raised below the poverty line are more likely to become poor as adults. After all, we all know that with limited resources comes limited opportunity.

Before Instagram:

Meagan was raised by a single mother who struggled with multiple mental disorders, often leaving her hospitalized. Her mother was for the most part, unable to maintain a steady job given the state of her mental health, leaving them living off of the welfare system for most of their life. At one point, she had attempted to take her own life leaving Meagan’s older sister between relatives and friends while Meagan was put into the foster system. It wasn’t until her mother was able to regain custody that they were reunited, without her sister, until she turned 16.  

After spending most of her life being the caretaker to her mother, it was time for Meagan to start taking care of her own needs. She loved sports and knowing that her mother was unable to fund most of her extra-curricular activities, she started picking up jobs. She did everything from babysitting to flipping burgers right up until her mother left her at the age of 16. It was at that point she realized she had two choices in life. She could pity herself and her circumstance, or she could work so hard that she would become untouchable. She chose the latter.

“I always knew I wanted more for myself. I wanted to prove the critics wrong. I knew I was worthy of success, so I made it happen” Meagan stated. “I definitely didn’t go about it in the most conventional way. I continued working 4-5 days a week while in high school, barely graduated and nearly gave up at many points in my life. Thankfully I had friends and certain family members to support me and guide me in the right direction.”

After high school Meagan managed to squeak her way into University while continuing to work full-time. She landed herself a job as a bank teller, which lead to a 2-year stint in investments, leading her to an eventual role in resource management at a Big 4 firm. She did all of this without ever officially completing her degree in University.

“I often regret spending that much money on something to never fully complete it. I was so close to being done, but I chose work over education at that point. I needed to pay my bills and didn’t want to lose the traction I had gained in my career” Meagan claims. “Looking back, I realize I was lucky enough to learn and gain experience from those around me instead. I had great mentors and I owe so much of my success to them and their desire to see me succeed.”

The Instagram Phase:

During her time in University, Meagan decided to pick up blogging as a hobby. She never intended for it to turn into a flourishing 6-figure business.  The word “influencer” wasn’t even a term used when Meagan started using Instagram back in 2014. What started as a tool to supplement a blog, quickly became a tool to achieve the dreamlife she always wished of, but never really saw as a reality.

“Instagram gave me a platform to literally create my dream.” – Meagan Faye

What was her dream? To give herself and her future family opportunity in life. “I’ve worked hard throughout my life to try to build a proper home for myself and for my family, even if I don’t have one of my own yet.”

Since starting Instagram in 2014, Meagan has grown her audience to over 120,000 and has travelled around the world while doing it. She has worked with some of the world’s leading brands, and was even spotted at the 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Meagan makes a majority of her income from sponsorships, but does everything from Consulting to e-commerce on the side in hopes of building her online empire.

What’s Next?

“I feel like I have been given a lot of opportunities, and while I hope I will still have many more of those, I would really love to start giving back to my community.”

Meagan recently announced that on her Instagram that she will be taking to YouTube in 2019. Why? To share all of her knowledge on Instagram and marketing for starters.  She will be offering tutorials on how to grow and leverage Instagram, and hopes to help emerging influencers learn to navigate a saturated industry. Nowadays, the word “Influencer” has a negative connotation, but Meagan hopes that as the industry grows, the view on this word changes.

She also hopes YouTube will be a platform to reach others who can relate to her upbringing.  “Honestly, If I didn’t have the support of good people around me, I have no idea where I would be. So if I can reach just one kid on YouTube who may be struggling, and guide them or inspire them to be better, it’s a win for me.” – Meagan Faye