In wealth management, it is paramount that all transactions with investors’ portfolios be carried out within the ultimate confidential and secure environment, with the unquestionable confidence and transparent decision making processes in place.

WealthMan is a platform that provides fast and secure access to the advanced methods of crypto-portfolio management. The platform is an ecosystem where wealth managers can transform their own unique methodologies of crypto-asset management into computerized algorithms. The platform confirms the validity of each algorithm and ranks its effectiveness. Utilizing WealthMan interface, investors can select an algorithm that meets their strategic goals and benefit from the secure automated execution of transactions free from the human factor the application of the smart contracts ensures unparalleled transparency and rigorous compliance to the contract terms.

Our advisor, Paulius Stankevicius, CEO and founder of Stankevicius MGM is positive about the prospects of the WealthMan enterprise. Paulius sees WealthMan as being one of the pioneers in digital wealth management. Andrei Gusev, WealthMan CEO states: “The dawn of financial competence era has come. We live to see the decline of famous wealth management brands that used to be a privilege of well-to-dos. There has been a gaping niche in the crypto-capital management ever since the global community first heard about the blockchain technology WealthMan platform gives digital asset holders access to refined investment tools to boost their portfolios’ performance”.

WealthMan aims to raise up to $25 million by the summer of 2018.